Our main focus is giving our customers the best that we can give.  If you ever have any questions, please email or call.  

Depending on the size of your order and how many we have before yours, we will get it out in a timely manner, as we make all orders up when they are ordered.  So you are guaranteed freshness at all times. We will keep you posted on status of order, so by chance you do not hear from us please feel free to notify us.

I hope you enjoy looking around, and that you will come back often. We are always adding scents and other items to site. During your visit with us, we would very much appreciate if you would sign our guest book.  Please enjoy your visit to "Cheryl's Candles". You might want to check out the "tips" link, as might learn something new about candles/melts.

Never leave your candles unattended, as fires can easily start.  They should be kept in a room where you can keep an eye on them at all times.  Please keep away from children, and always keep candles on fire resistant surface.  Wicks should always be at 1/4".  Should any soot occur, please put flame out, wait for it to cool, and trim wick.  Upon relighting, soot should be gone.

If you ever need to get a hold of my wife Cheryl, about a special order, or just to order by phone and ask questions, please call number listed at top of page.

Have a great day, and God Bless!

Robert Maxim (Owner) 
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Bob (Owner)
Cheryl (Wife)
Hobbies:  Candles, Scents and Shopping
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In Business since November 17, 1999

Fragrance creates mood. It relaxes, relieves the stress, provides energy and is soothing to the soul. With the wide variety of scents available at “Cheryl’s Candles” you can discover an exquisite world of pleasure. 
For years, people have used natural aromas to feel Energized… to feel Feminine… to feel Romantic… 

Our hand poured Premium Scented 100% Natural Soy Wax candles have a warm hearted style, which bestows coziness to any room in the home. All of our candles are "ultra scented" which guarantees the strongest fragrance possible and that fragrance remains for the life of the candle.

Defined by our elegance, quality, and mesmerizing aromas our candles are premium in every way. All candles are blended with the finest available materials right down to their wicks. Our candles burn cleaner and clear out to the edges which gives you a wonderful wax pool.

So go ahead experience the unmistakable aroma of Orange Bliss, take a stroll thru the bakery with “Maple Pecan Streusel” or relax and rejuvenate in the garden with “Japanese Cherry Blossom”,” Yellow Rose” or “Elegant Orchid”. Here at “Cheryl’s Candles” we design our candles to perform at the highest level possible. Try the best of the best, because once you have burned our Premium Quality candles we are hoping you won’t burn anything else. 

Clean Burning 

One of the most famous benefits of soy candles is how clean they burn. Soy wax does not produce the black soot like paraffin does. Paraffin is a petroleum byproduct. That's right, folks, crude oil! Air quality tests have presented evidence that the soot from paraffin candles has several of the same compounds as burning diesel fuel, including up to 11 carcinogens. Burning paraffin candles are listed as one of the TOP contributors to indoor pollution. Soy wax candles don't produce ONE carcinogen. While some might say "no soot", it's actually "little soot". Everything that burns puts off smoke, and soy candles are no exception. However, the amount of smoke released from soy wax is so minimal, there are very few that notice it.

Many advertised "soy candles" have unknown blends that you may not catch unless you search deep into their site. If it doesn't say 100% or tell you what's in the candles, watch out. “Cheryl’s Candles” containers, tea lights, votive, and selective melts are always made with 100% natural soy wax (and lots 'of love). They will not discolor your walls, ceilings or furniture because there are never any petroleum byproducts.  

Another reason you see black soot could have been the use of metal wicks. While no candle made in the US has lead, they can have zinc. Zinc wicks are not as toxic as lead, but they will produce more soot than cotton or hemp wicks. At “Cheryl’s Candles”, we use paper or cotton core wicks to keep in line with our environmentally sustainable practices.  

Here at “Cheryl’s Candles” we do make Paraffin pillars unless you request “Soy” wax. Our paraffin pillars have always burnt great, and I’I am happy to say I burn them in our home and have not had a problem with soot. I have learned that if you use the right wicks, and never let flame get too high, there is little or no problem. I normally try to use self trimming wicks, but on occasion must use another type. I never use Zinc wicks. I won’t say on our Pillars large in diameter, you will never have soot, but would be a minimal amount if any. Normally, this happens when you let the flame exceed  its height limit.

Wonderful Scent Throw 

When it's said that a candle scent "throws well", this means it fills the room with a strong, lasting scent. Soy wax candles not only have a great scent throw, but also have a cleaner smell. 

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, and Water Soluble 

Soy wax is simply hydrogenated soybean oil which makes it naturally, biodegradable, non-toxic, and completely harmless to the environment, children and pets. Spills and stains can be cleaned up with soap and water because it's water soluble too.