Item # 40

Burner w/Heart

These are so cute with the hearts.  Great for anytime of the year.  They come in your choice of pink or blue design.  

Item # 299-A
Item # 299-D
Item # 299-C
Item # 299-B
8 oz. Valentine Pails

8 oz. Valentine's Pail with your choice of scent from our menu on top left menu.
These will come shrink wrapped to keep flavor locked in until you are ready to burn. Remember when checking out to put in notes section which pail/pails and which scents in each. Or you may email.

Item # 299-A-B-C-D

$6.25 Each
Item # HBC38 

Heart Light

This is a full size "Heart Bundt Cake Light."  Bundt cake itself weighs over 5 lbs.  Included is the silicone bulb with clip on cord, that has on/off switch.  It also includes tray as light should not sit directly on furniture. As the light is on, it throws the scent out into the room.  This is a great conversational piece as well.  Well worth the money, and will give you months of fragrance.

Thank you for shopping at "Cheryl's Candles"
Item # 181

Double Tarts

These are double hearts.  15 of these little sweethearts come in a pack. Use one, two or three in your tart warmer/burner, depending on size of room.  Great for anytime of the year for either embeds or tarts.  Your choice of color and scent.  Just choose from my scent menu on top of page at left, and let me know when ordering.  These come to you packaged in a cello bag and tied off with Homespun or tie. Please Note:  I will choose color if you don't.

Item # HSB

Heart In A Box

These hearts are 2 ounces each. Very detailed,
Your choice of color and scent. If no color is chose, I will choose to match scent ordered. My scent list is located on the left hand side, top of menu. They come in three or six packs.

Three Pack $4.50 or Six Pack $8.99 
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Item # Hearts TL

Heart votive/Tealight Holder

This has the glass for your candles
It holds three candles behind four hearts.
Very nice piece, not just for Valentine's Day, but everyday of the year.


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Item # THRT


This is a triple heart pillar, which measures 4" Deep X 8 3/4" Wide X 3 1/2" High. Has three wicks (One centered in each heart).Pillar weighs just off of three pounds.  When checking out with shopping cart, please make note of which scent/color you would like. Or you may email me if you wish. Heart will come shrink wrapped. 

Item # HEART

18 oz. Glass Heart

Our Glass Heart can be poured with 1...2...or 3 flavors of your choice. Each layer will also be colored with your color of choice. Just make a note within notes section when checking out with shopping cart. You may also email your order. 
It's always your choice at "Cheryl's Candles". 


2 Oz. Double Heart

Our newest of Hearts and it is for those of you whome love large tarts. You may also break in half in between two burners/warmers if prefer.
Double heart that you can give to that special person throughout the year, not just on Valentine's Day. Very Detailed, and you are sure to love it as I do. Your choice of scent, and unless specified will be colored in pink. Six packs are all shrink wrapped and then placed in cello bag.

$1.95 Each

(Get a deal when you purchase Six)
$9.99 Per Six

Over One Pound Each

Our loafs for slicing tarts our poured in an aluminum braad pan, and either covered with plastic lid or will be shrink wrapped.
You choose the flavor, and leave the rest up to me. I'll add all the goodies which will fit with flavor ordered.  As always, your choice of scent from our huge scent list with many bakery scents.

When ordering please remember to make note within notes section all instructions and scents wanted, or you may also email and let me know.

$14.95 Each
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